Payment Options

We strive to be an affordable dentist in Gilbert.

Our Gilbert, AZ dental office accepts the following payment options for your family’s dental care:

Insurance. We accept and work with many insurance plans allowing you to maximize the benefit of your insurance. If you do not have insurance we offer an in-house dental discount plan that is very economical to you and your family.

Payment in full: When you pay your downpayment for services in full upon appointing for care, we happily extend a discount as a thank you.  One of our patient care coordinators will review this option for dental care payment with you at the time of your visit.

Split payment between treatments. If your treatment plan requires more than one visit, we give you the option to split your payment between visits, for example, half on your first visit and the remaining balance on the last.  Equal payments over the course of treatment is a popular method of payment that allows you to progress towards optimal dental health.

Care Credit. In the case that a treatment cannot be done in multiple visits, for example “extractions”, we offer a Care Credit financing option. As a courtesy to our patients, we pay interest on the balance for the first year–so you get a year of financing FREE. If the balance has not been paid after a full year, you are then responsible for any interest charges.

Family Savings Plan. This is an in office savings plan we offer to all of our patients who do not have dental insurance. With it, you are given a discounted rate on preventive care, and are rewarded with increasing discounts on restorative dental treatments the longer you are on the plan and following a schedule for regular dental exams, x-rays and cleanings. This in-office insurance plan provides our patients and their families with the coverage they can count on.

Pay with Cash, Major Credit Card, or Outside Interest Free Financing (OAC)  at the time of your treatment.

Along with being an affordable dentist in Gilbert, we accept Emergency Appointments, dependent upon availability and are here to help you.

Please contact our office for more details.